Positions in the Lab

I do not currently have funding to support a postdoc.  However, I am open to discussing opportunities with interested finishing graduate students.  Specifically, I could foresee working on a proposal together to support your time in the lab.

Graduate Students
Spring 2024 (application due Sept 1, 2023) or beyond

PhD– Comparative transcriptomics of American black bears

PhD– Temporal adaptive genomics and demography of a threatened population of American black bear

PhD or Masters– Adaptation in bears from a phylogenomic and/or population genomic perspective

Masters– Y chromosome phylogeography of the American black bear

Students interested in either MS or PhD level work in evolutionary and conservation genomics should email me to discuss opportunities ahead of a formal application to the University of Memphis Graduate School and Biology DepartmentPlease describe your research interests and experiences and attach a CV.

Students eligible to submit an NSF GRFP should contact me to discuss.

Please note that I do not support conferral of MS degrees in the process of a PhD.  An MS requires a thesis, a PhD a dissertation; an MS in the process of the PhD with me would be a 7+ year process with expectations of publishing a thesis and dissertation.


I am recruiting a student interested in gene flow of animals over landscapes.  Specifically, we combine genetic analyses with GIS data to infer corridors and barriers to dispersal.  As such, the student for this position in landscape genetics analyses must have experience with GIS (likely coursework based).  Applicants must have existing basic knowledge of GIS, willingness to learn about spatial data sources, an interest in linking spatial analyses and biology will be particularly useful, and participate in communication with all lab members.  This is a volunteer position and the time commitment will be 2-4 hours per week; one position is open.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email Dr. Emily Puckett (puckett3@memphis.edu).  Your email should articulate your interests in 1) the specific lab project and why you are interested, 2) your broader career goals, and 3) any relevant coursework or work experience you would like to share.  Please also attach a copy of your Fall 2023 schedule and identify one or more 2-3 hour blocks when you would be available to volunteer.  Applications will be reviewed until positions are filled.