Positions in the Lab

There is one postdoctoral position open in the lab.  This is a 1 year position that may be extended based on funding availability.  Applications are being reviewed immediately (Sept 2022).  The postdoc may work on temporal genomics or tissue specific transcriptomics depending on interests and previous experience.  Formal application through UofM Workforum, but please also reach out to me informally.

Graduate Students
Spring 2023 or beyond

PhD– Temporal adaptive genomics and demography of American black bears

PhD or Masters– Y chromosome phylogeography of the American black bear

PhD or Masters– Abiotic factors underlying selection in American black bears

Students interested in either MS or PhD level work in evolutionary and conservation genomics should email me to discuss opportunities ahead of a formal application to the University of Memphis Graduate School and Biology DepartmentPlease describe your research interests and experiences and attach a CV.

Students eligible to submit an NSF GRFP should contact me to discuss.

Please note that I do not support conferral of MS degrees in the process of a PhD.  An MS requires a thesis, a PhD a dissertation; an MS in the process of the PhD with me would be a 7+ year process with expectations of publishing a thesis and dissertation.

I have several openings for undergraduate volunteers. Students must commit to 6-9 hours per week in lab.  Initial lab work will consist of data entry and computer analyses, with future opportunities to train in the wet lab (i.e. DNA extraction, PCR, and building genomic libraries).  Several opportunities exist for students with GIS experience.  Interested students should email me and detail their science/biology interests, list any relevant courses or experiences, and provide a copy of their schedule.