Lab Meeting

Fall 2020
Aug 20- Kennedy et al. Taxonomic Assessment of the Black Bear (Ursus americanus) in the Eastern United States.
Aug 27- Lab Member Presentations: What I did this summer/Semester Goals
Sept 3- Edwards et al. Home range size variation in female Arctic grizzly bears relative to reproductive status and resource availability
Sept 10- Edwards et al. Fast carnivores and slow herbivores: differential foraging strategies among grizzly bears in the Canadian Arctic
Sept 17- Clendenin Elevator Pitch Practice; Cassin-Sackett et al. Do pathogens reduce genetic diversity of their hosts? Variable effects of sylvatic plague in black‐tailed prairie dogs
Sept 24- Pollard Elevator Pitch Practice; Tsuchiya et al. First Genome Sequence of the Gunnison’s Prairie Dog (Cynomys gunnisoni), a Keystone Species and Player in the Transmission of Sylvatic Plague
Oct 1- Cassin-Sackett et al. Evidence for two subspecies of Gunnison’s prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni), and the general importance of the subspecies concept
Oct 8- Clendenin and Pollard Practice Talks
Oct 15- No Meeting- Hosting Seminar
Oct 22- No Meeting- Hosting Seminar
Oct 29- Fry et al. Functional Architecture of Deleterious Genetic Variants in the Genome of a Wrangel Island Mammoth
Nov 5- Slatkin- Linkage disequilibrium- Understanding the evolutionary past and mapping the medical future
Nov 12- Booker et al- Variation in recombination rate affects detection of outliers in genome scans under neutrality
Nov 19- No Meeting- Exams and Grading
Nov 26- No Meeting- Thanksgiving
Dec 7- Special mtg with Daigle Lab: A translational model for venous thromoboembolism: microRNA expression in hibernating black bears

Summer 2020
May 28- McLellan and Reiner. A review of bear evolution.
June 4- Lariviere. Ursus americanus.
June 11-Pasitschniak-Arts. Ursus arctos.
June 18- No Meeting
June 25- DeMaster and Stirling. Ursus maritimus.
July 2- Beston. Variation in life history and demography of the American black bear.
July 9- Steyaert et al. The mating system of the brown bear Ursus arctos.
July 16- Mesa-Cruz et al. Litter size and cub age influence weight gain and development in American black bears
July 23- Fowler et al. Ecological plasticity of denning chronology by American black bears and brown bears. AND
Rode et al. Den phenology and reproductive success of polar bears in a changing climate.
July 30- No Meeting
Aug 6- Kennedy et al. Variation in the Black Bear (Ursus americanus) in the Eastern United States and Canada.
Aug 13- Morphometrics Week- No Lab Meeting

Spring 2020
Jan 8- Conference Call
Jan 30 Rinker et al. Polar bear evolution is marked by rapid changes in gene copy number in response to dietary shift
Feb 5- Conference Call
Feb 11- Chen et al. Allele frequency dynamics in a pedigreed natural population
Feb 18- Project Updates
Feb 25- No Meeting
March 3- Card et al. Genomic Basis of Convergent Island Phenotypes in Boa Constrictors
March 10- No Meeting- Spring Break
March 17- Andrews et al. Harnessing the power of RADseq for ecological and evolutionary genomics
March 24- Unpublished preprint
March 31- Ceballos et al. Runs of homozygosity: Windows into population history and trait architecture
April 7- Pemberton et al. Genomic patterns of homozygosity in worldwide human populations
April 14- No Meeting
April 21- Szpiech et al.  Long runs of homozygosity are enriched for deleterious variation.
April 28- Benazzo et al. Survival and divergence in a small group: The extraordinary genomic history of the endangered Apennine brown bear stragglers (with supplemental)

Fall 2019
Aug 28- Conference Call
Sept 4- Balisi et al- Dietary specialization is linked to reduced species durations in North American fossil canids
Sept 11- Pappa et al- The bear necessities: A new dental microwear database for the interpretation of palaeodiet in fossil Ursidae
Sept 18- Pollard Practice Talk & Conference Call
Sept 25- No Meeting- International Sun Bear Symposium
Oct 2- No Meeting
Oct 9- Figueirido et al- Ecomorphological correlates of craniodental variation in bears and paleobiological implications for extinct taxa: an approach based on geometric morphometrics
Oct 16- Tarquini et al- Evolution of the Carnassial in Living Mammalian Carnivores: Diet, Phylogeny, and Allometry & Conference Call
Oct 23- Feigin et al- Widespread cis-regulatory convergence between the extinct Tasmanian tiger and gray wolf
Oct 30- Tollis et al- Comparative Genomics Reveals Accelerated Evolution in Conserved Pathways during the Diversification of Anole Lizards
Nov 6- Tollis et al- Return to the Sea, Get Huge, Beat Cancer: An Analysis of Cetacean Genomes Including an Assembly for the Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)
Nov 13- Project Updates
Nov 20- Project Updates
Nov 27- No Meeting- Thanksgiving
Dec 4- Conference Call

Spring 2019
Jan 23- Kierepka and Latch- High gene flow in the American badger overrides habitat preferences and limits broadscale genetic structure
Jan 30- Kim et al- Comparison of carnivore, omnivore, and herbivore mammalian genomes with a new leopard assembly
Feb 6- Giglio et al- Pedigree‐based genetic management improves bison conservation
Feb 13- Thybert et al- Repeat associated mechanisms of genome evolution
and function revealed by the Mus caroli and Mus pahari genomes
Feb 20- Young et al- Conserved transcriptomic profiles underpin monogamy
across vertebrates
Feb 27- Baurens et al-Recombination and Large Structural Variations Shape Interspecific Edible Bananas Genomes
March 6- No Meeting- Spring Break
March 13- Hu et al- Comparative genomics reveals convergent evolution between the bamboo-eating giant and red pandas
March 20- Kaelin and Barsh-Genetics of Pigmentation in Dogs and Cats
March 27- Mallarino et al- Developmental mechanisms of stripe patterns in rodents
April 3- No Meeting- Association of Southeastern Biologists Meeting
April 10- Imsland et al- Regulatory mutations in TBX3 disrupt asymmetric hair pigmentation that underlies Dun camouflage color in horses
April 17- Pimiento et al- Evolutionary pathways toward gigantism in sharks and rays
April 24- No Meeting- Eastern Black Bear Workshop
May 1- Mitterboeck et al- Positive and relaxed selection associated with flight evolution and loss in insect transcriptomes

Spring 2021

Jan 12- Murray et al. Natural selection shaped the rise and fall of passenger pigeon genomic diversity WITH supplemental