IMG_2781My research interests revolve broadly around the spatial distribution of genetic variation (neutral or adaptive) across entire species ranges. My PhD research at the University of Missouri focused on patterns of genetic diversity in the American black bear (Ursus americanus), while my postdoctoral research focuses on brown rats (Rattus norvegicus).  Each of these projects has a phylogeographic component to understand the underlying patterns of diversity, amount of admixture, and timing of evolutionary events. This background information then informs scans for selection in the genome to understand how these species are adapting to their local environments.

I’m the founder and one of the bloggers at WildlifeSNPits, a blog focused on the intersection of evolution and conservation.  I enjoy writing blog posts that engage non-scientists with evolutionary concepts especially when I can draw upon pop culture.

Contact Information
31 Whippoorwill Road, Louis Calder Center
Fordham University
Armonk, NY 10504

Email: emily.e.puckett[at]gmail.com
Twitter: @EEPuckett

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