Script for ChromoPainter

I’m new to Perl so this may not be the most elegant script. The script converts fastPHASE output into a ChromoPainter input file. The for loop makes an input file for each scaffold for which my data maps to (in my case 284 scaffolds of the polar bear genome).

use strict;
use warnings;
use diagnostics;
my($infile, $phasefile, $Chromofile, $constant, $i);
foreach my $chr (1..284){ #1 to 284 b/c my data maps to scaffolds that are named numerically and range from 1 to 284, non exclusive)
$constant = "0 0\n";
$infile="batch_1.scaffold".$chr.".phase.inp"; #Exported fastPHASE input file (.inp) for each scaffold from STACKS
$phasefile="Scaf".$chr."._hapguess_switch.out"; #_hapguess_switch.out is output from fastPHASE
if (-e $infile && $phasefile) { #Using -e flag on infile and phasefile names to skip over any scaffold numbers (between 1-284) where my data does not map to; ex: no data on scaffold 100
open (INFILE, '+<', "$infile");
open (PHASEFILE, '+<', "$phasefile"); open (CHROMOFILE, '>>', "$Chromofile");
print CHROMOFILE ($constant); #Prints a 0 on the first line of the Chromofile, then moves to next line
my @infile = ;
my @phasefile = ;
print CHROMOFILE @infile[0..3]; #Prints first four lines of fastPHASE input file (num samples, num loci, loci bp position on scaffold, and a row of "S" * num loci)
print CHROMOFILE @phasefile[0..187]; #I have 94 samples (diploid); therefore, 188 haplotype lines when -Z flag used in fastPHASE. This prints all lines of the file fastPHASE output to ChromoPainter input file.
close INFILE;

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