Evolution2014 Talk- The talk that should have been

I organize a lot of things.  Like A LOT of things!  I chaired my department’s seminar organizing committee for three years.  I’ve organized the rangewide sampling effort for my dissertation project with 32 organizations. I founded and organize schedules for a blog.  The list goes on; I’m organized.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the Evolution2014 program and didn’t find my name. Apparently, the one thing I didn’t organize this year (and perhaps the most important since I’m looking for a postdoc) was signing up to give a talk. I have memories of signing up for a talk so can only imagine I got distracted and closed out without finishing; I truly thought I signed up.

Since life handed me lemons, I decided to make lemonade. Where the “lemonade” was really just making the slides for the talk I would have given. Feel free to download as a pdf: PuckettEvol2014; then find me at the meeting or tweet to me, as I’m happy to discuss further!

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