I’m on the postdoc market

I created this website in large part because I am looking for postdoctoral research opportunities.  I anticipate graduating in May 2015 and starting a new position shortly thereafter.  My current research interests are below; additionally, you can find links to my publications here. I would be happy to discuss project ideas or university specific fellowship opportunities that may fund my time in your lab.  Please contact me: EEPuckett at mizzou dot edu, or via Twitter.

Research Interests
I am broadly interested in both the spatial and temporal distribution of genetic variation in functional and neutral loci. Regarding the spatial distribution, I am interested in geographic barriers leading to within species lineage diversification and range expansion processes, particularly the adaptive potential of range expansion for widespread species. Regarding the temporal distribution, I am interested in both the timing of either de novo mutations or changes in standing allele frequency variation as an adaptive response to climatic change. I am also interested in incomplete lineage sorting.

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